Douglas Green Bellingham (Pty) Ltd was formally established in 1990, although their true roots extend over 300 years when winemaking began at the Boschendal and Bellingham farms in the Cape Winelands; and continued in the 1940s when Douglas Green pioneered selling wine wholesale.

Today DGB is one of South Africa’s largest independent wine and spirit producers and distributors. No matter how big they have become, the utmost professionalism, pride and the dedication of DGB’s people permeate every level of their business. What sets them apart is their continuous quest to get better as they grow.

The Bellingham Cellar in Wellington is a modern and progressive winery. It is here that the legacy of Bellingham is continued by the current generation of winemakers who have an enduring passion to craft world-class wines.

In the cellar, the challenge presented by the different fruit, different requirements and different possibilities is made possible by the well-equipped facilities, though the team never loses sight of the aim: to craft stylish, accessible, and well-balanced wines which are true to their origin and varietal character.