A tasting of South Africa’s novel culinary identity from the greatest garden on earth, a sensory connection to modern human origins.

The Cape Town Fynbos Experience® MASTERCLASS is presented every Thursday in our botanical cellar on the slopes of the Hawequas Mountain.

PROGRAMME 10H00-14h30

A choreographed laboratory style tasting of eleven aromatic Fynbos edibles, a Fynbos tapas style lunch and a scenic stroll on our private estate.

The South African Fynbos® range of indigenous gourmet herbs is a world first, leading a global flavour evolution and defining a distinctive South African culinary identity with botanicals unique to the southern tip of Africa.

The MASTERCLASS is a guided discovery of this ‘ancient flavour trail’, a mixology of veld and flower awakening the inner explorer.

Kindly confirm availability before booking online:

WhatsApp/Call 066 2255722


R1 495 per person

We welcome private groups on alternative dates, minimum 6 guests, maximum 32.