The Cape Town Fynbos Experience® MASTERCLASS is a compelling sensory discovery of South Africa’s indigenous gourmet herbs unique to the Cape Floristic Region. This wildflower biome at the southern tip of Africa is the greatest natural garden on earth, not only because of its unsurpassed floral diversity and culinary flavours that the world is only now discovering, but also because it preserves some of the earliest archaeological evidence of modern human creativity. This Fynbos Tasting is a sensory connection to modern human origins, a mixology of veld and flower, awakening the inner explorer.

PROGRAMME 10H00-14h30

A guided laboratory style tasting of aromatic Fynbos edibles and infusions in a botanical cellar followed by an experimental tapas lunch and a scenic stroll through critically endangered Swartland renosterveld.

See or instagram @southafricanfynbos for event schedule.

We welcome private groups on alternative dates, minimum 6 guests, maximum 32.