Redemption Fine Handcrafted Leather had its origins in the late 1970’s when an ambitious young man, Andre Olivier, developed his passion for leather work. The Hippie movement had a major influence on creativity during that period and hand-crafted items were popular. The Market in Loop Street, Cape Town, was best known for such hand made products.

Arnold Slabber, the current owner, saw Andre’s leather products and immediately was attracted to the quality and creativity of it. Arnold already manufactured handmade leather products of his own. Andre’s shop in The Market became an outlet for Arnold’s leather goods. When Andre made a career change, he presented Arnold with the opportunity to purchase the business from him. In March 1982 the Slabber’s became the new owners of Redemption Fine Handcrafted Leather. The factory and the factory shop are situated outside Wellington on route to Bainskloof Pass. The Slabber’s continue with the handmade tradition using only genuine leather for their wide range of products.