Versailles Farm, Wellington, South Africa – Home to Jorgensen’s Distillery, the first private distillery in South Africa, post 1960’s prohibition, established in 1994 – with its traditional c. 1812 Cape Dutch homestead and surroundings remaining largely unchanged since the founding days.  In the shadows of the age-old Oak trees, craft spirits are still produced using the original distilling equipment, staying true to the craft of artisan distilling.  Juniper trees, wildflowers and various indigenous African botanicals are grown in the distillery garden to provide a sensory tasting experience.

This is a distillery focused on producing authentic, unpretentious, premium handcrafted products and experiences. In the Jorgensen’s Distillery line-up of products, they have their longstanding Jorgensen’s signature range of artisan products, continuing the vision of the founder of Jorgensen’s Distillery, Roger Jorgensen, lovingly known as the father of the Craft spirit industry in South Africa.

From the fiery heart of our 1860’s Cape pot still, aptly named ‘Ugly Betty’ for her slightly battered appearance, flows small batches of premium Gin, Vodka and Absinthe.

As the current custodian of Versailles Farm and Jorgensen’s Distillery, Quinn Roos (Rose) sets forth the tradition and brings his own recognisable unique style to the current craft Spirit industry in the form of the Wild Rose Craft Range – Premium small batch distilled products that honour the rich history of Spirit making in South Africa and the kaleidoscope of precious African botanicals.