House Andrew Murray, a programme of BADISA Western Cape, is a registered child and youth care centre (children’s home) which provides residential care to 155 children outside the children’s family environment in accordance with a residential care programme suited and developed for the children in the centre.

The Children’s Home is responsible for the care, support, protection, and development of the children in its custody through various therapeutic and developmental programmes. Sprokiesland, House Andrew Murray’s Early Childhood Development Centre, was established to address the cognitive development of the children who are referred to House Andrew Murray.

Orphaned, abused or neglected children as well as children in need of care and protection are referred to House Andrew Murray.  The children are all from various towns in the Cape Winelands District Municipality and as well as the Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality. House Andrew Murray only receives partial funding from the Department of Social Development:  Western Cape.  The centre is therefore dependent upon the generosity of the public for the continuation of its service delivery to vulnerable and abused children.