Huguenot Seminary Dr Andrew Murray came to Wellington in 1870 and requested that a girls’ school be established. Huguenot Seminary was then established in 1874 and Miss AE Bliss and Miss AP Ferguson enrolled the first 40 girls in January 1874.

The case of whether boys should be admitted to school received attention as early as 1899, and in 1899 one boy, Leopold Reinecke, was admitted as one exception. The later application of SS Loubser was refused in 1900. A new school building was inaugurated in 1902, but it burned down in 1907. After the insurance paid out, the basic plan of the old school was used and certain improvements were made on the new plans. The new building was opened on May 2, 1908. The school became too small and the town hall later became the school hall.

Amalgamation between the Seminary and the Boys’ School came up again in 1940, especially as a result of the decline in numbers. On December 11, 1953, the Seminary closed its doors.

After amalgamation, the old boy’s school was exchanged for the then town hall. In 1970, Hugenote High School entered the current school building.

Vision and Vision
High school unlocks the future.
Huguenot High School unfolds the future.

Mission and Mission

Huguenot High Schooldoes everything possible to teach learners: academically, physically and spiritually, to develop to full potential. to give an edge so that they can make a positive difference in society. Huguenot High School endeavours to assist its learners: to develop their full academic, physical and psychological potential. and thus give them the advantage (Vorsprung) to make a positive difference to society.